Accelerated Growth

Unleashing Potential Through Value-Driven Investments 

About SJW Partners

SJW Partners is the private investment group and family office of Steve Weiss. Steve launched MuteSix in 2013, MuteSix became one of the largest direct to consumer marketing agencies in the USA, sitting at the intersection of creative and media buying. Steve led MuteSix and was responsible for the long-term vision, team building, and strategy and under his leadership he led MuteSix to a successful acquisition by Dentsu, the largest publicly traded advertising and technology company in Japan. Steve formally exited MuteSix in 2022.

Today, SJW Partners focuses on investments in commercial & residential real estate, private middle-market businesses, and other alternative asset classes. 

Key Areas we Support

As seasoned operators and entrepreneurs, we have a deep passion for building and prioritize investments where we can leverage our expertise. We focus on areas where our insights and support can amplify your team’s growth potential.

By actively driving improvements in these key areas, we are able to have a strong impact on revenue growth, margin expansion, and profitable scale for our investments.