Who We Are

Meet the team

Steve Weiss


Steve is a dedicated entrepreneur and operator with over 20 years of experience in building and scaling businesses. Steve has a diverse background in omni-channel marketing, real-estate development, retail, and sales operations. As an entrepreneur, Steve is passionate about building, leading, and mentoring teams and is also a girl-dad to his one-year old daughter Lottie.

Jared Applebaum

Operating Partner

Jared is an experienced operator with a focus on operating infrastructure, AI Integrations, and talent acquisition. Jared is well versed in strategic capital deployment, data analysis, and the implementation of automated workflows and processes. Prior to joining SJW Partners, Jared was the COO and first employee at Betterly where he led the company’s infrastructure development, managed day to day operations, and spearheaded new business development opportunities from strategy to execution.

Oliver Bral

Chief of Staff

Oliver is an experienced brand builder and Partnerships coordinator with a background in creating mutually beneficial relationships. His time as a Partnerships associate at David Meltzer Enterprises allowed him to leverage his skills in negotiating and cultivating connections within the business world. With a track record of creating win-win scenarios, Oliver brings a strategic mindset to problem-solving and collaboration.